Rental Studios

Five rental studios, large north or south-facing windows and 5 meter roof height. 3 bathrooms and access to shower. Goods lift. Make-up room and mobile make-up stations. Stereo, WiFi, retouch station, catering, kitchen and steamers.


Studio 5
Size: 145 square metres. Backdrop: 7,4 x 7,7 m, height 4 m. North facing windows.


Studio 4
Size: 178 square metres. Backdrop: 6,10 x 7,6 m, height 4 m. North facing windows.
The studio can be separated into two studios: Studio 4A / 4B. Yta: 89 square metres per studio.


Studio 3
Under construction, soon available.


Studio 2
Size: 94 square metres. Backdrop. South facing windows.


Studio 1
Yta: 77 square metres. South facing windows.