About Peas


Peas and Understanding is a retouching and photographic studio at Södermalm in Stockholm. We are 110 people, who work  with photography, picture retouching and supply of final art work and material for the print and web.The company works principally in off the peg fashion but also for advertising agencies.


Clothes, products or models? Some ten photographers are on site daily to realise your ideas for pictures. Our technical expertise and experience mean that you as a client can feel secure in all situations.


We have long experience of repro and advanced retouching. Our retouchers are accessible both during and directly after photography. Close dialogue makes the work more time-efficient and increases quality.

Apport for brands

Control every aspect of your image productions. Image production at scale is complex. Our product supports you in every part of the process. Get the photos you want, with the speed and efficiency you need. Please contact Farid Benhajji for more information. Read more about Apport here!


Our 6 rental studios have beautiful, large north-facing windows and 5m roof height. A goods lift with direct access to the studio makes loading in simple. Studio staff are on site and can help with most things, such as rigging, catering, props and pressing of clothing. You can even hire equipment through us. Contact Lena Almqvist for bookings or more information. Click here for images at the studio!

Peas Bangkok

In December 2012, we opened our first office in Thailand. Today we have 26 colleagues working at the Bangkok office.